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Hitfile Premium Account

A Hitfile Premium account is a paid subscription that provides users with various advantages over a free account.

With a Hitfile Premium account, users can enjoy higher download speeds, unlimited simultaneous downloads, and no waiting time for downloads to start. Additionally, premium account holders can upload files up to 20 GB in size, compared to the 4 GB limit for free users.

Hitfile Premium offers high-speed uploading and downloading for all your files, big and small, providing you with peace of mind. You’ll work in an ad-free environment and have the ability to download files seamlessly or resume downloads after interruptions. Furthermore, your files are thoroughly scanned for malware and viruses, ensuring enhanced security.

Hitfile Premium also includes a range of additional features such as the ability to resume interrupted downloads, remote URL uploads, and FTP uploads. Premium users also receive priority customer support, and their files are stored for a longer duration before deletion due to inactivity.

Hitfile Premium accounts can be purchased on the Hitfile website with different subscription options based on the desired length of subscription. The prices for Hitfile Premium accounts vary depending on the subscription duration and chosen payment method.

Hitfile Premium users can make the most of Hitfile by enjoying server-bestowed download and upload speeds with their Premium accounts.

Hitfile Premium Account Benefits

  • Download files at speeds of up to 1 GB per second, enjoying fast uploads and downloads.
  • Easily access your files from different devices, whether it’s your computer, phone, tablet, or even upload files from FTP and other websites.
  • Premium users have 100 GB of storage space for single file uploads.
  • Efficiently upload files with the desktop application.
  • Upload, store, and share as many files as you want with unlimited storage.
  • Integrate with popular download managers.
  • Continue downloading after interruptions.
  • Get in touch with reliable technical support for any questions.

Turbo Access: If you already have an account, upgrade to Premium right away and download without limitations!

Enjoy maximum download speed without ads and timeouts, and use download management programs.

With Hitfile Premium, you can choose from 10 different payment plans.

Hitfile Premium Account Basic Price List

25 Days
300 GB
$0,40 per day
SAVE 10%
45 Days
900 GB
$0,44 per day
90 Days
1800 GB
$0,39 per day
SAVE 12%
180 Days
3600 GB
$0,33 per day
SAVE 25%
380 Days
7600 GB
$0,26 per day
SAVE 41%

Hitfile Premium Account Plus Price List

25 DAYS +
600 GB
$0,50 per day
SAVE 10%
45 DAYS +
1800 GB
$0,55 per day
90 DAYS +
3600 GB
$0,48 per day
SAVE 14%
180 DAYS +
7200 GB
$0,42 per day
SAVE 25%
380 DAYS +
15200 GB
$0,33 per day
SAVE 41%

You can get or try a premium account at very low costs, including daily, weekly, monthly, 6-month, yearly, and 2-year options.

We renew your subscription with a 21% discount or an extra premium period after your initial premium access period expires. By choosing this option, you accept the automatic renewal of your subscription. You can cancel your subscription anytime.

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Payment Methods for Hitfile

Payment with Mastercard and Visa Cards:

You can make payments on Hitfile using credit and debit cards.

With this payment method, you’ll get a 21% discounted offer for the next subscription periods (Abonnement).

Anonymous Download: Provides a 10% discount on HTTPS + DNT + the specified price.

For Turbo Plus Subscriptions: Offers a 25% discount off the specified price. Double Traffic: Increases depending on the membership type.


Payment via Webmoney, Skrill, Cryptocurrencies, and Account Balance

You can make payments via Webmoney, Skrill, Cryptocurrencies, and your account balance.

These payment methods don’t offer advantages for subsequent purchases like Mastercard and Visa cards do.

Anonymous Download: Provides a 10% discount on HTTPS + DNT + the specified price.

For Turbo Plus Subscriptions: Offers a 25% discount off the specified price. Double Traffic: Increases depending on the membership type.


Payment via Turkey Bank Transfer

You can make payments via Turkey Bank Transfer.

These payment methods don’t offer advantages for subsequent purchases like Mastercard and Visa cards do.


Hitfile encrypts and secures your payment information


What are the additional charges?

All users who purchase a paid account can order additional paid options, such as:

“Subscribe with Discount” – The service will automatically renew after the Premium Access period expires, with a discount or bonus premium period. By selecting this option, the user agrees that the subscription will be automatically renewed, and a selected payment method will be charged at the end of each service period. Users can cancel their subscription at any time through the Site or Technical Support Service

HTTPS + DNT” – This option enhances user anonymity when downloading content from the website. This option is activated when: User access to the Site and downloading User Content from the Site is provided solely using the HTTPS protocol, which supports encryption and is considered secure for transferring confidential data.

The Site guarantees a strict Tracking Policy, meaning that user actions during the downloading of User Content are not monitored, recorded, stored, or transferred to third parties.

The “Plus+” Option doubles the traffic limits for a Premium Account. A user with a Premium Plus+ Account can download up to 40 GB per day and 1200 GB per month.

Additional paid options can be acquired during the service period and are available only when purchasing a Premium Account.

Hitfile Premium Account

I'm receiving payments for my Premium subscription. What's next?

Now, you can use your account on hitfile.net or your Premium code for fast downloads. If you’re purchasing Premium using your registered hitfile.net account, you’re automatically authorized for Premium with an activity period equal to the purchased Premium code’s duration.

Subsequent Premium purchases using this hitfile.net account will extend this Premium period with the new Premium access code’s period.

Any tracked file link that leads you to hitfile.net should start downloading with the fast download speed.

If you’re purchasing Premium without having a registered hitfile.net account, you can still use it for fast downloads. Follow the link to download the file, then click on Gold Download and enter your Premium code in the appropriate field (Enter the received code here), and click Log In. A premium download link will be provided for fast downloading.

If you have a Premium code and want to use your account with Premium privileges, you simply need to enter your Premium code while having the authorization on hitfile.net and when downloading any file from this site.

How can I purchase Premium access?

You can purchase a premium account at very low costs, available in daily, weekly, monthly, 6-month, yearly, and 2-year options.

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I became a Premium user, but your service isn't recognizing me as a Premium user. What might be wrong?

Please ensure that your browser allows cookies. Also, make sure that any security software you’re using isn’t blocking identification information (some firewalls might do this).

What should I do if I don't receive an SMS or email containing my password?

Stay calm and don’t panic! They will definitely resend your password to you.

Provide as much detailed information as possible to the Hitfile support team, and they will assist you

Which download software can I use for downloads?

You can use any popular program such as Speedget, Download Accelerator Plus, GetRight, FlashGet, and GoZilla, as well as Google File Download Manager and other download managers.

How does a monthly subscription work?

When you subscribe to a Hitfile plan, your payment method will be set up for automatic recurring billing for the specified duration of your membership, so you don’t have to manually send money every time.

Your account will remain as Premium access, and you don’t need to worry about your account expiring.

How can I cancel my Hitfile.net subscription?

You can easily cancel your Hitfile subscription anytime. To cancel your subscription, follow the instructions in the emails from Plimus.com. Once canceled, your account will continue to have Turbo access until the end of the period for which you’ve made the payment.

Why am I receiving a message about reaching purchase limits on the website/phone?

For security reasons, there are two purchase limits within 24 hours for the same payment information. We recommend considering purchasing a 6-month or 1-year Premium access for the long term. The pricing for these access options is cheaper for daily use.

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